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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hadesh Walet A Professional Singer

Hadesh Walet
A Professional Singer 

Album: Derhan

Hadesh is a local artist from Virginia. Originally from Mali, she is an avid supporter of Amazigh Heritage Foundation and Amman Imman nonprofit work all over Africa. Hadesh has always been known as the woman with the golden voice and the golden heart. Hadesh sang to help many causes. She sang to heal the broken hearts. She sang to support the lost cause of the children of the Azawak. She sang for many causes. Born and raised in West Africa, Hadesh comes from a long line of Amazigh people that may well have originated directly from Kahina. She is a rebel at heart and a great artist. She has raised three children and all of them are grown and successful today. After raising her children and accomplishing her career in commerce, Hadesh decided to start a new career, a career that was more of a calling to her. Since a young age, she always created and sang great melodies and songs. After so many years of ignoring the artist in her, she decided to try her talent. She sang in many venues and concerts. Every time, people kept asking her if she had any albums out. Therefore, she decided to make it a serious career, she hit the studio, and she recently put out her first album called Derhan. Her album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and many other music sites.

We asked Hadesh a little narritave on her life and this is what we got. Now in Hadesh own words: "My songs story started when I was about 7 years old in the desert of Mali. During that time, I lived with my aunt who adopted me when I was about 5 months old because my parents divorced and both of them remarried to their lovers. Therefore, I grew up in a tent in the middle of nowhere and around too many animals. My friends among those animals were lambs and bay goats. I also had three ducks, an ostrich, a rabbit, a deer, and a cat. Every morning, after our breakfast, all my animals followed me to the forest. The forest name is Tinaferan. Tinaferan is the name of a beautiful wild flower, which grows in abundance in that forest. Therefore, my songs started in Tinaferan. I even made necklaces for me and for the baby lambs and goats because they listened to my songs and danced to them. Those animals loved me and loved my voice so much that they gave up on their mothers and chose me as their mother. The baby lambs, and baby goats went to their mothers only when they needed some milk. In addition, whenever my animals got lost in the forest, to find them I would sing a song. When they heard my voice, they answered, "We are here," of course in their language. When I started to sing the baby lambs, and the baby goats did not stop dancing until I stopped singing. Then, they foraged for some grass to eat. In addition, after my animals and I had our dinner we slept together. I remember, one night while we were sleeping, a wolf got into our tent to get one of my baby lambs, and the baby lamb started wailing. We woke up, and then my two brothers ran after that big wolf to get me back my baby lamb. They ended up beating the wolf until it let go of the baby lamb and they saved my baby lamb. He had terrible Bruises on his neck, but he was safe. Sometimes, even now, I wonder why the wolf did not eat me instead. I was a somnambulist and sometimes while I was sleeping during night, I stood up and slept walked to the same spot where I sang during daytime. Therefore, once I got over there I slept until morning. However, in the morning, the sun was so hot that it woke me up. Then, I got angry with my aunt because I thought, she threw me over there because she did not love me anymore, and I cried. I was surprised why she did not look for me and I wondered if she was worried at all that the wolves would eat me."

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