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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Cow's Poop

A Cow's Poop
When I was younger and lived with my family in the desert. My family was very organized because everyone knew their daily role. My mother took care of the donkeys, the tent, and the cooking.  Sometimes, my father helped her with the cooking. He also was in charge of the camels and the horses. My stupid cousins took care of the cows, lambs, and goats. I took care of my pets, my babies lambs and babies goats. 

However, in the desert our medicine are based on natural and organic herbs. One day, one of our cows had constipation with severe pain to her stomach. In the morning, my cousin decided to treat and cure the sick cow with herbals medicine using a Tuareg technique.  So, that morning our parents went to work. However, my cousin and I stayed at home. He milked all the cows that morning and then he gave me some milk to drink. So, I was sitting in the tent, drinking fresh milk, and watching my cousin treat the sick cow.  

First, he gave herbal medicine to the cow by mouth by making her chew it, and then he went around the cow and he blew with his mouth some air into the cow's buttocks in order to alleviate her constipation. However, feeling pressured in her butt, the cow projected a big watery poop into my cousin's mouth while he was still blowing air. She literally pressure pooped all over his face, head, and chest. When I saw the scene and all the poop all over his face I couldn't hold it anymore. I burst into laughter until I could not laugh anymore and was out of breath. That day, I laughed so hard that I could not breath anymore and my stomach got in pain. I had never seen in my life such medical practice. It was the very first time that I saw my cousin giving strange medicine to the cow through her butt. That day was mine, I had fun and I was very happy to see that big cow poop on his face because now I could make fun of him, and tell that story for years to come. Some time ago, I gave a short speech about that funny story in College. My classmates and my teacher love the story so much that they couldn't stop laughing and I got an A in that class. 

The funniest part was when my cousin removed quickly the poop from his eyes and turned towards me to see if I had seen what had happened. He looked like an owl in the night. He had to check because he did not want me to tell his girlfriend about that event. He even attempted to bribe me with wild fruits and a monkey as a gift, not to tell the story. He really did not want anyone to know about what happened because I was the only that had seen it all and he did not want to be made fun of.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Event in Hadesh's Life | Hunting in the desert

The very first time, I went hunting, I was about 7 seven years old. My adopted parents were nomadic tuareg people. They always moved from one place to another based on the seasons because of their herds of cattle. One day, they moved to a forest where was a lake and fresh weeds grew lusciously to feed our cattle. 

It was raining season, and wild animals were having babies. To get there, the whole family and I rode on donkey's back, camel's back, and horses' back. Once we got to our new settlement, I jumped out of my donkey's back, and went for new discoveries because I was hungry and my mother wanted to give us only curdled cow milk and she really did not have time to cook since they had to unpack and settle

So I decided to take matters into my own hands so I went hunting for meat, eggs, and fruits. I saw strange birds while I was walking in the forest. Those birds were getting in and out of a big bush. So, I was curious to see them closer, but I didn't know what kind of birds they were.  However, later I learned that they were bats, and not birds.

An Event in Hadesh's Life | Hunting in the desertI was very hungry, and I wanted to eat badly those birds instead of just drinking the curdled milk we had at home. After locating these weird birds, I went back to steal a lighter from my parents so that I could go back and cook these birds.

Our lighters back then differed very much so from the modern lighters that use gas nowadays, because our lighters were made of 2 small stones and a piece of white cloth. 

On one stone, we stick an old white cloth that was soaked for a day in a liquid made back home that was always used to feed the animals. We let the cloth dry. Whenever we wanted to light a fire, we ripped some of the cloth and pegged it against one stone then used the other stone to strike against the stone with the cloth on it, the friction would cause fire to light on the cloth and I would use the lit cloth to light wood and dried leaves in order to make a bigger fire and that was exactly what I did that day to cook these bats.

The bats lived in a termite home in a hole under that bush. The bush was naturally designed to look like a small room. There was no way that someone could see me inside it. So, I gather all together some woods and dried weeds and put them right by the hole in which the bats where coming in and out of and I lit it good. So I started my barbecue and a long feasting day ensued. I was very happy that day of my exploit because it was the bats very oily and tasty and I satiated my hunger fully.  

The bats were falling one by one in the fire. When they were ready and cooked well, I picked them out the fire. I rubbed them in hand for the oil and then I tossed them straight into my mouth, with skin and everything else that came with it and ate it all. Then I used the oil on my hand to rub it all over my body as I was naked and I had heard that oil was good for beauty. I had seen my adoptive mother use oil all over her body for beauty purpose so I did the same with the oil from the bat. They were very tasty and oily.  While the mean time,  my parents were frantically looking for me in the forest, but they couldn't find me until I was full,  then on my own, I turn the fire off with dirt and I went home completely satiated and oily. I had stinking bats' black oil color all over my face and body. My stupid cousins made fun of me the entire following year. I became the talk of the tribe. They said to me that bats were not good meat to eat and their oil was not good oil. My parents laughed at the way I looked because it looked funny to them. 

It was a memorable experience and one that can only be lived in the desert and one I can never forget especially the way I ate these bats without even cleaning the skin out and the way I used their body oil for beauty purpose. 

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