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Hadesh Walet Discography:

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Amazon http://smarturl.it/hadeshwaletamazon
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Rhapsody http://smarturl.it/hadeshwaletrhapsody
CDBaby http://smarturl.it/hadeshwaletcdbaby

Album Name: Derhan 
By: Hadesh Walet Mahmoud

Track Names:
1. Sarho Dissimgare Nawadime
2. Tededen
3. Entoume Dazawe 
4. Amazigh
5. Tissimawen
6. Tidjemadahi Tasiderte
7. Tu Me Manques
8. Azawad
9. Tihoussai
10. Immanine

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Hadesh released her first Album titled Derhan in 2014. It is an album of 10 tracks/songs. The album and the tracks are available for sale on Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, Rhapsody, and many more music sites. Please find below the front and back copy of the Album Derhan.

The album Derhan contains 10 tracks/songs produced professionally. You can buy the album or each individual tracks/songs on Itunes or you can buy all 10 tracks in mp3 format and download them. You can also buy a hard disc copy of the album on Cdbaby.com

Hadesh Walet First Album Derhan
Hadesh Walet First Album Derhan - Front

Hadesh Walet First Album Derhan
Hadesh Walet First Album Derhan - Back
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